(Updated:  08th March, 2024)

1.0 Matches will be played under normal I.C.C.’s rules of cricket. However, the L.B.W. will not be played and throwing will be allowed.

2.0 All Rules, Regulations and Decisions made by the Organizing Committee are final and the Committee reserves all rights governing its decisions.

3.0 Umpires’ decisions are final and must be respected.


4.0.1 Teams are permitted to register a maximum of 14 Players, NONE of which can be changed after their FIRST game. Registration of these 14 Players END when a team has played their first game. Teams will be allowed to register 2 additional players after their first game, and will be done as follows:

4.1.0 Teams will be allowed to register 14 players as follows:

(a) A MINIMUM of Eight (8) core members from the jamaat

(b) A MAXIMUM of Two (2) transfer players from outside the jamaat (See rule 4.7)

(c) A MAXIMUM of Four (4) historical players.

A Historical player is defined as a player who is not from the respective jamaat but has been representing that jamaat from 2018 or prior. This does NOT apply to new players brought into the team from 2019 to present NOR is it a means for teams to dishonestly include players from outside their jamaat in their team.

(d) The TWO (2) additional players to make up the complement of 16 MUST be core jamaat members.

4.1.1 If adding players in the group stage, a fee of $150 per player must be paid.

4.1.2 If adding players in the second round, a fee of $300 per player must be paid.

4.1.3 If adding players in the third round, a fee of $450 per player must be paid.

4.1.4 If the player is a YOUTH player 17 years and under, the fee to add is $50 in any round.


4.3 Registration fees MUST be paid before the start of the Competition by Friday 5th April 2024. Failure to pay by the set date will result in your team not being able to participate in the competition, and your spot will be filled by another team.

4.4 No Player will be allowed to transfer to another team if he has previously registered for another team.

4.5 All previous player transfers become void for the current year of the Competition.

4.6 The committee has knowledge of all players and teams from previous years. Players, who wish to represent a Jamaat other than the Jamaat that they represented last year, must get the approval of both imams, from the jamaat they are leaving as well as the jamaat they wish to play for, and must then bring it to the attention of the TML Cricket Committee.

4.7 A maximum of two (2) Players will be allowed to transfer into any Jamaat, with a transfer fee of $200.00 per player to be paid to the Committee. If this player is one (1) of the two (2) additional players, the transfer fee, together with the fee for adding the player, must be paid.



5.1 All Matches will consist of one (1) Innings batting and bowling per team. Batting and bowling will be at one end only.

5.2 All matches will be fifty (50 legal) balls per Innings.
5.3 Number of players allowed to play. No more than nine (9) and no less than seven (7).

5.4 A minimum of twenty-eight balls must be bowled in allotments of three (3) six (6) ball overs, and one ten (10) ball Super 10 (see rule 6). The remaining balls can be pelted / thrown or bowled.

5.5 No Bowler will be allowed to vary between bowling and throwing during an over.

5.6. Free Hit – after a No Ball; the delivery following a No Ball call will be a Free Hit for whichever Batsman is facing it. If the delivery for the Free Hit is not a legitimate delivery (any kind of no ball or a wide ball), then the next delivery will become a Free Hit for whichever Batsman is facing it.

For any Free Hit, the striker can be dismissed only under the circumstances that apply for a No Ball, even if the delivery for the Free Hit is called wide ball.

Field changes are permitted for Free Hit deliveries.

Free Hit will be given for the following No Balls called and signalled by the umpires.

ICC rule 24.5 The Feet, and 42.6(b) bowling of high full pitched balls.

5.7 In the event that a ball pitches outside the Pitch i.e. The concrete surface, a No Ball will be called and signalled by the Umpire. No Free Hit will be given.

5.8 In the event that a No Ball call is made by the Umpire and the Striker proceeds to hit the ball out of the compound, i.e., over the fences, he will be ruled Not Out. The batting team must purchase a new ball if the ball is not returned.

5.9 In the event that a Batsman hits a ball into the trees and the ball falls outside the compound i.e. over the fence around the ground, he will be given OUT. The batting team must purchase a ball from the Committee.

5.10 A No Ball will be called by the Bowler’s end Umpire if a Fieldsman is in line with either Wicketkeeper, Bowler or Umpire (at bowlers’ end)

5.11 Boundaries will be marked, two (2) left and right of field and four (4) straight down the field. Shots hit over any fence/buildings will be automatically OUT with zero (0) run added to the score.

6.0 SUPER 10


6.1 This is an allotment of ten (10) balls which MUST be bowled and MUST take place from balls twenty- three (23) to thirty – two (32) in every inning of a match.

6.2 It must be a bowling over and will be one of the compulsory bowling overs.

6.3 The four-boundary area of the field will be increased to SIX runs and FOUR runs for this over only.

6.4 Only two Fielders will be allowed in this fielding area for the Super 10.


7.1 The FIRST ten (10) balls of EVERY inning will be the Power Play 10.

7.2 The fielding team players are restricted to areas within the field.

7.3 These 10 balls can either be bowled or thrown.

7.4 Boundaries remain two (2) and four (4) runs respectively.

7.5 The Umpire will signal to the scorers before the over begins.

7.6 The umpire will call and signal No Ball if any player(s) are outside the fielding restrictions.



8.1 Each team must provide a Representative who is acquainted with all players in their team to sit alongside the scorers. A fee of $50.00 will be enforced for a team not sending a representative.

8.2 Official Scorers, iPads and relevant scoring Apps will be provided by the Committee.

8.3 Official Umpires will be provided by the Committee.

8.4 All Match Balls will be provided by the Committee. However, Player(s) responsible for hitting/throwing Balls over any fence will be required to purchase another Ball at $10.00 each from the Committee.



9.1 In the event of both teams scoring the same total at the end of their innings, ie. a Tied Match, a One over (6-ball) Bowl-Off will take place.

9.2 The over must be bowled and not thrown.

9.3 Three (3) Batsmen and one (1) Bowler will be selected by each team.           

9.4 Once two (2) of the Batsmen have been dismissed the “innings” has ended.

The team scoring the most runs in their over will be the winner. However, if the scores are tied at the end of the Bowl-Off the following statistics will be used to declare the winner.

  1. a) Team that lost less wickets in Bowl-Off over.
  2. b) Team that hit the higher number of boundaries (2’s or 4’s) in their Bowl-Off over.
  3. c) Team which scored the higher amount of runs in Super over of “first Innings”.
  4. d) Team that struck the higher number of boundaries (2’s or 4’s or 6’s) in Super over.
  5. e) Team that lost fewer wickets in their innings. (8 over inning)

Should both teams have the same statistics (a-e above) then 1 point will be given to each team in the preliminary stage and will be replayed in the knockout stage of the competition.



10.1 Substitutes shall be allowed to field for any player who during the match is rendered incapable by illness or injury.

10.2 The consent of the Umpire must be obtained for the use of a Substitute Fielder only.

10.3 No Substitute will be allowed to field/bat/bowl for any late Player.

10.4 No Substitute shall be allowed to bowl, bat, or act as captain.

10.5 Any player acting as a runner shall be a declared player and, where possible, have already batted in the innings.



11.1 Two (2) Points will be awarded for a win, one (1) for a TIE or NO RESULT and zero (0) for a loss

11.2 Teams with an equal number of Points after the preliminaries will be decided on Net Run Rate.




12.1 The Declaration Sheet consisting of no more than ten (10) or no less than seven (7) players must be signed by Captain and Players AT THE SCORERS’ TABLE and handed to the Umpires/scorers 10 minutes before the game is carded to startThe declaration sheet IS NOT to leave the scorers’ table.

12.2 If a Player/s arrives late for a game he will be allowed to play under the following conditions:

  1. a) The first innings of the game is in progress and
  2. b) The Player(s) was registered on the Declaration Sheet and the Umpires were notified by the Captain. The Player(s) must sign the Declaration Sheet before entering the field of play.



13.1 There will be NO grace period after the time given on the fixtures for the start of game. The Umpires will call Time and meet Team Captains to take the Toss. There will be an allotted time of 40 minutes to complete the bowling of the 50 balls. A fee of $50.00 will be imposed for going over the allotted time, due to the umpire’s discretion.

The following conditions and penalties will apply:

  1. a) Umpires will confirm by the Declaration Sheet the Players present and any Player(s) who has not signed the Declaration Sheet will be considered absent. A player must sign the Declaration Sheet for himself only and not for anyone else. A breach of this rule will result in the Team/s being fined $300.00 and the offending player/person being Disqualified from the Competition.
  2. b) Upon confirmation of Players by the Umpires, the team with more Players present will be given the option to bat or bowl.





14.1 Teams seeking Postponement of a match must do so within the first two weeks of the start date of the Competition. Any other request for postponements will be at the sole discretion of the Organizing Committee and a non-refundable fee of $100.00 will be charged.

14.2 A fine of $200.00 will be imposed for Defaulting a match; this fine must be paid before the team’s next match.

14.2.1 A 40 run penalty will be imposed onto any team defaulting a match, i.e., 40 runs will be allotted to the winning team and against the team defaulting the match.

14.3 Any team in default of more than two (2) games will be Disqualified from the Competition.

14.4 Any team wishing to Protest a game must do so in writing and must deliver the protest to the Disciplinary Committee no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the said game.

All written protests must be accompanied by a refundable fee of $200.00 if the protest is won. Protest received after the allotted time or without the stipulated fee will not be entertained.

14.5 A game will be declared a No Result should the following conditions and or situations occur.

  1. a) Power failure
  2. b) Dangerous weather and or ground conditions

In the event that any of these situations occur and the 5th over of the 2nd innings has not been completed, the game will be regarded as a match of No Result. There will be no replaying of the game and each team will be awarded one (1) point. In the event that five (5) overs have been completed in the 2nd innings, the team having scored the greater amount of runs at the end of their 5th over will be declared the winner. Should the runs be the same, the team having lost fewer wickets will be the winner. If the wickets are also the same, the points will be shared.

These conditions and situations will only apply to the Preliminary stage of the competition. Matches will be replayed for the other stages.




15.1 Teams must be attired with matching T-Shirts minimum. Players will NOT BE allowed to participate in a game if they are barefooted, bareback, in short pants, sleeveless clothing, or wearing slippers, sandals, EARRINGS (and other body piercing) or GOLD jewellery. Furthermore, BODY TATTOOS must be covered.

15.2 Teams will be fined $20 per player if the player is not in a uniformed T-Shirt.



16.The use of obscene language by any Player during the course of their game will result in the Player being suspended for his next game or expelled from the tournament.

17.0 All teams must send at least one (1) representative to the Organizing Committee Meetings when invited. This is to ensure that teams will be kept updated of decisions made.


18.1 All games will be played on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and on nights preceding a Public Holiday and on Public Holidays.

18.2. The fixtures and times will be designated by the Committee. Each team will be responsible to check their starting time on their fixtures.



19.0 This tournament is open to MUSLIM individuals ONLY.

19.0.1 It is the responsibility of the captains to ensure that the players whom they select to represent their jamaat conform to the rules and laws of both Islam and the tournament.

20.1 Individuals whose Islam is in question and are brought to the attention of the TML Cricket Disciplinary Committee in writing, will be investigated and appropriate actions will be taken such as suspension, expulsion or any other measure that the committee sees fit.

20.2 The Committee will NOT be tolerating any accusations of players being non-Muslim by any teams or individuals. Teams having concerns with players not conforming to rule 19.0 or any other rule must write their concerns to the TML cricket Disciplinary Committee.

21.1. There shall be NO smoking, use of e-cigarettes, use of marijuana, drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of illegal substances on the Mosque compound and playing field.

21.2. All players MUST respond to the Call to Prayer (Adhan) and attend short talks after Isha salaah.

21.3. The Team management is responsible for the discipline of all their players and supporters.

21.4. All players and supporters must show respect to the TML Compound, TML Officials, Competition Sponsors and Committee Members.

21.5. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted. All Captains are responsible for briefing their teams on the rules of the Competition.

21.6. In the event of any problems arising and are not covered by these rules, the Committee has the power to arbitrate and make a decision for the good and welfare of the competition. Any decision taken by the Committee would be final.