I begin in the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due first to Allah and I bear witness that Mohammad (UHBP) is his servant and final messenger.

Tonight the curtain comes down on the 12th edition of TML Cricket.

  1. Congratulations to our 2017 TML/R. Khan Trading, Fun League winners Nur-e-Islam Executive Youths and runners up Nur-e-Islam Juniors.
  2. Our 2017 TML/Eniaths Printing Masters League winners East Zone and runners up South Zone. 
  3. Our 2017 TML/Metaluxuries Championship League winners ASJA Markaz and runners up Carapichaima Jamaat.
  4. And lastly our TML/Takaaful T&T Premier League winners Nur-e-Islam Executive Eagles and runners up ATCO Curepe Blazers.

Alhamdulilah, we had another successful year of cricket in our 4 TML Cricket Leagues.

Last year at the finals, we did promise to improve and enhance our TPL.

Many meetings were held with all our stakeholders, players, sponsors, franchise owners etc.

In January this year we launched our new TML Cricket Premier League, brought to you through the kind sponsorship of Takaaful T&T.

Who can forget our unveiling ceremony where all the consented players were selected in a draft that resembles other international premier leagues around the world.

Mr. Robin Ojar, President of the TTWCA who attended, told the audience that our franchise premier league is indeed the first for windfall cricket locally, the rest is history.

Our new Premier League has shown true brotherhood and great commitment among the players and their franchise owners who, for the first time would have been representing and supporting their Jamaat team as well as their Franchise team.

Here are some of your own comments on our 2017 TML/Takaaful Premier League;

  • Sameer Hosaney of ATCO Curepe Blazers – “the standard has been set for windball tournament throughout T&T, match it or beat it.”
  • Aamir Khan of TML Enforcers – “The franchise premier league is an innovative, exciting and well organized competition that attracted the best Muslim players from different regions of the country to compete and showcase their talent while also being afforded the opportunity to interact and befriend other brothers in Islam whom they would have played with for the first time.”
  • Ariz Khan of Algarbi Scorpions – “an opportunity to showcase our talent and camaraderie in a competitive and islamic environment.”
  • Avinash from TML Enforcers – “innovative, a welcome change to windball cricket in Trinidad, hope it continues for many years to come.”
  • Sameer Juman from Rockhard United – “I must say that the TML Franchise Cricket League was a resounding success, competitive and also fostering a stronger sense of brotherhood amongst the players, each team had players form 4-5 Jamaats cooperating as a unit.”

And for this reason, our Sponsors have further committed to selecting a TML Cricket Senior and Junior Teams to compete in the Trinidad & Tobago Windball Cricket Association (TTWCA) tournament, held at the hockey centre in Tacarigua later this year.

The following is our draft selection to represent TML Cricket at the TTWCA tournament:

TML Cricket Franchise All Star Team

  1. Adrian AliASJA Markaz/R Khan Central Rangers
  2. Rayad EmritTacarigua Jamaat/R Khan Central Rangers
  3. Imran Khan – R Khan Central Rangers
  4. Ariz KhanWarrenville Jamaat/Algharbi Scorpions
  5. Salim HoseinWarrenville Jamaat/Algharbi Scorpions
  6. Quadir ShahWarrenville Jamaat/Algharbi Scorpions
  7. Riaz MohammedEndeavour/Executive Eagles
  8. Riaff AliNur-e-Islam Executive Eagles
  9. Fazil BakshEndeavour Jamaat/Executive Eagles
  10. Amir KhanASJA Markaz/TML Eniath’s Enforcers
  11. Travis KarimASJA Markaz/TML Eniath’s Enforcers
  12. Jorees MohammedNur-e-Islam/ATCO Blazers
  13. Javed BoodramNur-e-Islam/ATCO Blazers
  14. Mikaeel MohammedBamboo Jamaat/Rock Hard United
  15. Amir Ali NabbieEndeavour Jamaat/ATCO Blazers
  16. Saleem AliGrande Mayaro Jamaat/Rock Hard United
  17. Aleem AliMasjid Ul Laah/Rock Hard United
  18. Leon RamdeenPreysal Jamaat/ R Khan Central Rangers

TML Cricket Under 21 All star Team

  1. Sameer HosaneyMasjid Ul Laah/ATCO Blazers
  2. Mikaeel MohammedBamboo Jamaat/Rock Hard United
  3. Sameer Mohammed Nur-e-Islam/Rock Hard United
  4. Kareem MuradaliTML Jamaat/Algharbi Scorpions
  5. Nasir KhanMasjid Ul Laah/Algharbi Scorpions
  6. Abdur Rahmaan JumanMasjid Ul Laah/Rock Hard United
  7. Shahir AliMasjid Ul Laah/Rock Hard United
  8. Sayaad MirzaBamboo Jamaat/Executive Eagles
  9. Qaasim MohammedMontrose Jamaat
  10. Aleem MahammedBamboo Jamaat
  11. Mohammed Abdel-HamidMasjid Us Salaam
  12. Shuaib RamjagBamboo Jamaat
  13. Al Saleem AliNur-e-Islam Juniors
  14. Mohammed AzizBamboo Jamaat
  15. Rayad WilliamsNur-e-Islam Juniors
  16. Aamir AliNur-e-Islam Juniors
  17. Eli MohammedPreysal Jamaat
  18. Sameer AliNur-e-Islam Juniors

Their sponsorship will provide the players with cricket gears and stipend payments to represent us muslims in this national league.

My committee has selected a tentative list of players who we may want to represent tml cricket at the TTWCA competition this year, they are;

FOR 2018 TPL each franchise will be allowed to keep a max of 4 players from their current team and draw for the remaining players in our 2018 unveiling draft ceremony which will be held at the TML Centre in December this year, in sha Allah.

So while you the players embraced the TPL, perhaps the one area that needs to be addressed is the Jamaat members adopting and supporting a franchise team.

Its a new concept and we hope you the supporters from whichever Jamaat you belong, continue to adopt and support a franchise team next year, in sha Allah.

After 12 years of TML Cricket, we are retiring our first and main Challenge  Trophy from back in 2005, there are no more spaces on it to be filled, our previous winners from 2005-2016 are;

  • 2005 Nur-e-Islam Cricket Lovers
  • 2006 No games due to poor outfield conditions
  • 2007 Endeavour Jamaat
  • 2008 Nur-e-Islam Cricket Lovers
  • 2009 Nur-e-Islam Cricket Lovers
  • 2010 Nur-e-Islam Youths
  • 2011 Nur-e-Islam Cricket Lovers
  • 2012 ASJA Markaz
  • 2013 Endeavour Jamaat
  • 2014 No games due TML Centre renovations
  • 2015 Endeavour Jamaat
  • 2016 Endeavour Jamaat

Be sure to take a closer look at it before it retires to its final resting place in the TML Archives.

TML Cricket since 2005 and going strong, we are surely among the longest windball cricket competitions locally, providing competitive entertainment, and an alternative and enjoyable environment for our muslims brothers and sisters alike.

In conclusion, I congratulate all the winners presented here tonight, and wish all other teams every success in 2018.

On behalf of our the TML, our orgnising committee, players and supporters, we say heartfelt thank you to our main title sponsors, Takaaful T&T Friendly Society, R. Khan Trading, Metaluxuries and  and EPCL.

Also, our franchise team owners; Atlantic Trading, Office Are Us, Executive Upholsterers, Rockhard Cement, R Khan Trading, EPCL.

Not forgetting some of our other sponsors; Milo, Orchard Drinks, Nadeem Ali, Kameal Hosein, Usabe Marketing, Nakki Imports, etc etc.

In our current financial climate, your generous contributions made our tournament a huge success, and we hope that your investment has brought you satisfaction.

May Allah reward you and your companies immensely.

I thank all the players for showing true brotherhood, winning or losing, the spectators for coming out and supporting your team and our competition so frequently, the umpires on the field and the third umpire operators, our young, dedicated and loyal iPad scorers for providing the players with detailed score sheets, fixtures, points table etc, which was so frequently viewed by players on our website over 20000 times this year.

Asad Mohammed, we thank you for your educational and inspirational nightly short talks, our cafe concessionaire Terrence Terrace and family for your sumptious meals, and last, but by no means lease, my hard working tml cricket committee, lead by the experience Riad Khan, Terrence Ali, Sameer Juman, Farook Mohammed, Siddiq Ramjohn,Tariq Subhan, Carl Felix and their families, for their unconditional commitment, loyalty and dedication.

I must single out committee member, Siddiq Ramjohn for his vast growth, dedication and maturity displayed this year, I believe he was here everyday of the 30 nights of cricket, from Asr to pass midnight.

I thank you.

Naim Khan
TML Cricket.

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