Assalaamu ‘alaikum,

The tentative restart date for the Championship League of the TML Cricket Competition 2020 is Friday 3rd July, 2020, and for the Fun League, Friday 24th July, 2020. However, this is dependent upon regulations that will be implemented by the Ministry of Health and the TML when Phase 5 of the reopening of Trinidad and Tobago is scheduled to come into effect on Monday 22nd June, 2020.

The Premier and Masters Leagues will not be played this year due to time constraints.

Please note Rule 14.5

14.5 A game will be declared a No Result should the following conditions and or situations occur.

  1. Power failure
  2. Dangerous weather and or ground conditions

In the event that any of these situations occur and the 5th over of the 2nd innings has not been completed, the game will be regarded as a match of No Result. There will be no replaying of the game and each team will be awarded one (1) point. In the event that five (5) overs have been completed in the 2nd innings, the team having scored the greater amount of runs at the end of their 5th over will be declared the winner. Should the runs be the same, the team having lost fewer wickets will be the winner. If the wickets are also the same, the points will be shared.

These conditions and situations will only apply to the Preliminary stage of the competition. Matches will be replayed for the other stages.

Teams will be allowed to change one registered player from the Championship League who had not played for 2020. The said player cannot be transferred to another team. The deadline for this change is Friday 3rd July, 2020.

Fixtures for July 2020 will be posted on in the near future.

Naim Khan

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