It has come to our attention that player Khaleel Ali Nabbie, representing Kelly/Caroni Jamaat Youths participating in our 2015 TML Cricket Competition is over the age limited as state in our rule 33.1:

RULE 33.1  Players must not be older than 17 years by MAY FIRST of the present year or younger than 36 years at the start of the competition.

TML Cricket has imposed a ban on the entire Kelly/Caroni Youth Team Players for the remainder of the 2015 season which also includes any other Player/s who may represent any other team in the Championship and Premier Leagues. see Rule 33.2

RULE 33.2  Players who are not older than 17 years by MAY FIRST will be allowed to play in ALL divisions. However any Player over 36 years who registered and plays in the FUN League will NOT BE allowed to play in either the Premier or Championship Leagues.

Further, Mr. Khaleel Ali Nabbie will be ineligible to play at TML Cricket Tournaments till 2017, insha Allah.


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