TML Cricket Windball Cricket Competition – Opening Ceremony 2020

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
All praise and thanks are due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammad and his Companions.

Master of Ceremonies, brother Javid Khan,
MP of St. Joseph, Hon. Minister, Terrence Deyalsingh
Brother Farz Khan, President of TML,
Fazeer Mohammed, T&T & WI cricket commentator, and feature speaker tonight; other invited guests, brothers and sisters

Assalamu Alaikum
All thanks and praise are due to Allah, Subana Talla.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all you to our 15th edition of TML Cricket. Hosting this event since 2005 is indeed a huge achievement.

Many obstacles and challenges that arose over the period have been dealt with and today all who have contributed, past and present, should feel a sense of accomplishment.

And while our intentions were to provide the muslim community with halal means of entertainment in a safe, moral and family oriented environment, we were also able to have groomed players like: Kamil Pooran, Amir Jangoo, Amir Khan, Afdal Khan, Abdur Rahmaan Juman, Yasir Deen, Sajid Chan, Andur Raheem Topping, Ismaeel Hosein and Abdullah Cambridge. These players, all excelling, represent various schools, teams, zonal teams, and even national teams at the respective age groups.

Only today, Abdur Rahmaan Juman, of Curepe Jamaat made 110 not out for his club El Socorro Youth Movement B Team vs Merryboys B Team in the Premier II League.

Not forgetting veterans, Rayad Emrit and Imran Khan, who went on to represent T&T and West Indies cricket at the highest levels.

We wish them all, and others to follow, every success in their respective careers both on and off the field.

Our 2020 edition of TML Cricket will begin with games in the Mohmmed’s Electrical Fun and Metaluxuries/Spike Sport Championship Leagues over the next 10 weeks; we will pause mid April for the holy month of Ramadan, and continue from end of May with the TML Premier and TML Masters Leagues.

Our motto this year will be Deen & Discipline.

Islam is a perfect system and Allah has provided mankind with guidance to regulate our conduct in all our affairs. As we all know it is our character and morals that beam through our lives as individuals and shine upon our families, communities and society as a whole. It is for this reason the theme of the cricket tournament this year is Deen and Discipline.

Brothers and sisters, Allah (SWT) said in Surah Infitar (verses 10-12), english meaning

But verily over you are appointed angels to watch over you. Kiraman and Katibin are writing down your deeds. They know all that you do.

This clearly says that our actions are being monitored and recorded. Over the last 15 years we’ve repeatedly encountered issues surrounding indiscipline. We remind you brothers and sisters, that our actions here will result in the success or punishment of the hereafter. Our deen has all the necessary tools that we need. We just need to conduct ourselves so we can be pleasing to Allah (SWT).

Last year, I mentioned our intention was to replace our rotted wooden bleacher stand with a more permanent concrete bleacher stand.

Brother and sisters, here we are, a brand new 6 tier concrete stand that will sit over 100 people with storage facilities under.

Many thanks to our donors, Eniath’s Printing, Hosein Construction, Forward Industries, Mohammed Bookstores, CC Press, Atlantic Trading, Spike Sport, Safari Publications & the TML.

These companies were approached and gave willingly to this venture, that will not only be enjoyed by the TML Cricket and TML Football patrons, but by the 500 plus TML Primary School kids daily.

Lots of work has gone into planning the 2020 TML Cricket.

I must commend my hard working cricket committee for all their efforts. Two members of the committee lost very close loved ones suddenly and was still able to perform their tasks outstandingly, with great diligence and commitment.

I pray that Allah (SWT) grant their loved ones a place in Janatul Firdaus, Ameen.

I hereby thank our competition title sponsors, for providing this year all the 36 teams with full branded uniforms kits, bats, trophies, medals and prize monies.

In this challenging economic climate, we are indeed very, very thankful to our title sponsors; I shall recognise them all:

The 2020 TML Fun League is again sponsored by Mohammed’s Electrical of San Juan; For all your electrical needs, contact Mohammed’s Electrical.

The 2020 TML Championship Leagues is also again sponsored by Metaluxries, manufacturers of stainless steel, Aluminium and steel railing & Spike Sport, for affordable sport clothing

The 2020 TML Premier League will be sponsored by Arawak Chicken, new to TML Cricket.

The 2020 TML Masters League will be sponsored by Eniath’s Printing Co. Ltd., simply beautiful print.

Other sponsors; Nikki Imports, Executive Cuts, Tune Up Shop, AMR Signs, Price Club Supermarket, Uzary’s Marketing, Jumans Roti Shop, Halimas Helping Hand, MILO, Blue Waters and others, we thank them all.

Before I go, I must introduce our committees new addition to TML Cricket,

I will ask our most celebrate player Aamir Khan, captain of ASJA Markaz to demonstrate this new and exciting addition as you turn your attention to cricket pitch. If you like what you see, please give a hearty round of applause.

It’s the first time in T&T that these Australian made light stumps are being used in any form of cricket locally.

Lighted Stumps, another first for TML Cricket. Added to our iPad App scoring, 3rd Umpire review technology, Electronic Scoreboard and a functional website ( TML Cricket is by leaps and bounds ahead of the pack.

I remind you to log on to our website: and on Facebook @tmlcricket for uptodate info including fixtures, results, score sheets, standings, and even live streaming on selected games soon.

We are very proud of our website as you can go back as far as 2011 for TML Cricket history and data.

Tonight’s featured games put defending 2019 champions ASJA Markaz up against Carapichaima Jamaat followed by hosts TML Jamaat vs Sangre Grande/Mayaro Jamaats.

I thank you.
Naim Khan
Chairman TML Cricket Committee

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